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NEW 'SMART CONTROL' Software... Reap the benefits of our latest software for less than US$500! 


Features and benefits include:

  • Programmable Log
  • Smooth control of the vehicle during runs
  • Smart Control with 'Lead In' & 'Lead Out' RPM
  • 4WD Torque Proportioning in F2 Mode
  • Improved resolution in 'F2 Mode'
  • F3 Mapping
  • RPM, TPS & EGT inputs
  • DUAL Lambda
  • 'Power Test' Function in F11
  • Automatic 'Drive Ratio Set-up' using engine RPM input
  • 4 x User Configurable 20V inputs
  • Data Acquisition and Data Logging with new user defined scaling

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CLICK HERE to see the Programmable log function used to simulate a half lap of Silverstone in the UK using a 996 Porsche.

" The Dynapack 3000 plays an important role in this process because of its portability and ease of use."
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The Dynapack™ direct couples to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load. This method of direct coupling plus its built-in strength means the Dynapack™ is always in control of the vehicle.


Controlling a powerful car on a roller dyno can sometimes be a daunting task. With Dynapack™ you have TOTAL CONTROL of the vehicle, with no wheel slip due to its direct coupled design. With that there is no inertia to mask the results, giving you greatly improved sensitivity, repeatability and significantly reduced time spent tuning and mapping!


With the power of the Dynapack™ literally at your fingertips, you have complete control over the test and the demands placed on the vehicle. Flexible data presentation and analysis is available direct from the Dynapack™ in seconds.

Dynapack™ chassis dynamometers are such a radical departure from the stereotypical roller dyno that it really is in a class of its own. Most of the previous assumptions made about chassis dynos (the roller type) simply do not apply to the Dynapack™ series.


The NEW RPM Input uses the primary input to the coil pack that is readily accessible to clip onto (Low Voltage) and the NEW TPS Input clips onto the wire of the Throttle Position Switch (0.5V - 4.5V in the general range). Both of these can be displayed on the Dynapack Live Strip graph.


The NEW DUAL LAMBDA and DUAL MAP system gives you the flexibility to retrieve additional data and read both AFR and Lambda at once.